About Us


My name is Dahlia Owner & Creator of  Canefield Naturals, located on the beautiful and historic island of St.Kitts in the Caribbean, in what is known as the Lesser Antilles, we boast many attractions of which is our world-renowned Brimstone Hill National Park.

Canefield Naturals was created out of my love for body & haircare products. 

 While embarking on my natural hair care journey and researching the ingredients used i found i could not pronounce many of the names, in doing additional reseach I  found many contained chemicals unsafe for both our body and the environment. 

Canefield Naturals was created to provide cleaner, sulfate & chemical free products by replacing them with simple natural, locally sourced ingredients, sourcing ingredients locally such as flowers, honey & herbs are my top priority for Canefield Naturals, it is extremely important when sourcing imternationally  the ingredients are with companies that engage in fair trade opportunities  and where possible practise  sustainable and ethical practices.

I look forward to welcoming you to our site.

Email : canefieldnaturals@gmail.com
Cell : 1 869 663 9091