Cornmeal Body Scrubs

 Beautiful, moisturized  well balance supple skin is waiting for you with our Cornmeal base body scrub, Cornmeal has always been touted as the finer exfoliation for skin, it removes dead skin cells without  irritation, it is perfect for hot summers days and soothes dry skin in the winter months, it leaves your skin soft, shine-free as it balances the sebum (oil) in your skin, our cornmeal scrub is gentle enough to exfoliate face leaving you with soft glowing skin.

Handcrafted natural and beautifully scented is equally important to us, which is why we have only added the best of essential oils to all our body scrubs, unrefined shea butter also forms part of our ingredient list this adds to the overall moisture balance.

handcrafted in small batches to retain the best freshness.